Switch Lighting packaging

I was hired by Annie’s to design and produce various graphics for their IPO with the New York Stock Exchange in the spring of 2012. As NYSE was picking up the printing bill, size was no object, and so I got to create these enormous banners for the NYSE façade. You can’t tell from the initial photo, nor would anyone notice in person, but the gigantic upper banner was completely covered in hundreds of tiny, screened back bunny asses.

Now, before you think that we were pulling some sort of sick joke on the unwitting public and members of the New York Stock Exchange, the main motivation behind it was to repurpose a ridiculous amount of fabric that was going to be used for a few hours and then just thrown away. To Annie’s credit, they decided to take all that material afterwards, slice it up, and make tote bags out of it. One problem: there were hundreds of feet of material lacking any reference to Annie’s actual brand; they would have just ended up with a bajillion purple totes.

That’s when it was decided that we’d cover the New York Stock Exchange with thousands of bunny asses in order to later make Annie’s “branded” tote bags.