Branding & Guidelines

Switch Lighting packaging

I’ve been lucky. In the past 20 years I’ve had the benefit of working with some of the biggest brands, branding and corporate identity firms, and absolute best brand designers in the world. With my extensive background in print production, I’ve often been tasked with developing and producing myriad proofing systems required to test the visual integrity of a wide variety of brand identity components, all this across various substrates, color systems, digital formats and global video standards.

I was a part of the rebranding of Adidas and helped develop their new brand identity guidelines when they moved away from their classic trefoil primary brandmark. I was a part of the Flip Video branding team way before they were acquired (and subsequently destroyed) by Cisco. And as program director, I helped developed brand asset management systems and guidelines for Hyperion, Johnson & Johnson, the Olympics, Chevron and others.